Thursday, July 14, 2022

Anna Mine


60 kilometers southwest of Prague is a historic mining area of Příbram. There's mining museum at Mine Ševčinský. There's also two mines that you can actually visit, the Hornické muzeum Příbram – Vojtěšský důl (Vojtěšský mine) and the Hornické muzeum Příbram – Anenský důl (Anna Mine). The latter involves a small train journey in mine carts... 

This was a nice visit, although tours were only available in Czech. And we didn't get to go very deep, just one floor down :-) in this very, very deep 1,600 meter mine system. Still, interesting history, real-life mine and not a museum replica, very interesting steam engine lifts, etc. Much recommended, perhaps going to all three places in one go, even if we only had time for one. 

Tours in the mines are guided tours, going hourly.

The coordinates for the Anna Mine are N 49.687595 E 13.994174. The website is here.

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