Saturday, July 16, 2022

Refresher course in communism and nuclear bunkers


I've been here before, but a refresher course is always good, plus I have the next generation with me, useful course for him as well. The Prague's communism and nuclear bunker tour is a good reminder of what oppressive things went on during the eastern block years in Czechosloakia and elsewhere. Fortunately, those times are past us. But in 2022, you can still feel the nuclear-bomb threats being made ... you guessed it, from the east.

May the dictatorship times never return, and the current dictators fall. And of course, may the nuclear holocaust-wielding evils go away.

But back to the tour.. it is very much recommended. This is surely the best tour to get in Prague! Expert guide, both in town & what went on previously, plus a visit to a deep bunker and an amazing amount of Cold War era masks, suits, and other memorabilia.

Interestingly, we also attempted to go the Cold War Museum and the KGB Museum. True to the nature of Cold War and KGB tactics, we were coldly turned away, apparently applications for a visit should have been filed in three copies in the Politbyroo six weeks ago, or that we should have visited at a time that the museum was not in the need of repairs. Well, communism certainly is in need of repairs :-)

The museums:

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