Sunday, March 14, 2021

New Kattilajärvi caves


I was hiking around on my snow shoes, going around lake Kattilajärvi in Nuuksio. I was there for the sake of a nice walk in the winter weather, but also wanted to check out the many cliffs for possible caves. I've been here before, and saw for instance a wonderful roof cave. But then I came across a big cliff with a number of caves, not reported by others as far as I can tell.

The big roof / shelter cave near the eastern shores of Kattilajärvi is reported, see here for my article on it. I also reported some smaller caves in that area.

However, there's a tiny hole on the western shore. And, if you go further to the woods from the eastern shores you will come up to a large cliff, the Lippukallio ("Flag cliff"). Under the western side of the cliff there is a long 12 meters long shelter cave (but only 2.7. meters deep, so not very cave-like).

The shelter cave is at N 60.303391 E 24.628858. A simple cave map of the shape of the shelter/roof can be found here, also shown below:

The two boulder caves are at N 60.303520 E 24.628659 and N 60.303523 E 24.628776. Simple cave maps for them are here and here. Here's a picture of the nice second cave:

And the first one:

The area looks also otherwise interesting, just look at the holes in this cliff wall, for instance:

Here are some pictures of the shelter cave part:

The tiny hole is at N 60.300999 E 24.613206. The shape of the hole is in a map that I draw, here.

Unfortunately, the snow was very deep, I kept sinking in between rocks, and the darkness was arriving. I need to investigate these new caves later in the spring or summer, with better ability to see what's between the rocks without all that snow.

Here's the sunset as I was walking out of the caves:

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