Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New cave (sort of) in Kauniainen

While cataloguing Kauniainen's tiny caves (if one can call them that), I came across another one. A small tunnel between two boulders. The tunnel part is maybe 3 meters (though with a small crack at the top for some part of that).

I call this cavelet "Kahden kiven luola" or the cave of the two rocks. The coordinates are N 60.217182 E 24.691909, and there's a map here.

Also, new since February, I try to make a 3D model of every cave I visit, using my new iPhone 12 Pro and the Polycam application. The 3D model from this cave can be viewed here. If you want to download the 3D model, it is available in GLB, OBJ, STL, and DXF formats.

Overhang part to the side of the tunnel:

3D model:

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