Sunday, March 14, 2021

Korpikylä boulder cave


Korpikylä ("Remote Village") is a region in Hyrylä. I was stopping in Hyrylä for other reasons, and looked on the map for an interesting place to go snowshoeing in. Korpikylä fit the bill, and after some searching for a parking place I headed out for a two-hour nice hike in snowy forest.

I like to have a "reason" for my walks, and this time it was to check out the cliffs and boulders in the area for caves. Boulders and cliffs turned out to be small, but the biggest boulder did have a 2x3m tiny "cavelet" underneath it.

The cave is at coordinates N 60.38458 E 25.05021. I drew a simple map of the shape of the cave:

There's also a high-res PDF version of this map here. More pictures of the boulder:

It seems that the area has been used by the military in the past, and I also found some odd structures, like train cut through a hill, but it didn't continue anywhere, and some remains of shelters or storage areas, with odd piping going between them.

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