Monday, March 8, 2021

Kauniainen cave with a view

Cave of the sunset! I guess this just goes to show that no matter how well you know something, there are things you don't yet know. I did a snowshoes hike between Kauniainen and the Glims museum area, and came across a new cave!

Small, of course, but something I'd personally consider the 2nd best cave in Kauniainen, given that we don't have much caves. I also didn't initially know if the cave was inside Kauniainen's borders or not, but after consulting the map it is indeed in Kauniainen. And I happened to be at the right time at the cave, as sitting in the cave opening one could see a beautiful sunset above the Glims fields..

I think we could fit 2, maybe even 3 people in this cave. The cave consists of two parts, the crack, and the underside of the boulder. The crack is a horizontal crack in the cliff face, with the inside of the crack being higher than the front, creating a bit of a cave-like feeling. It may be possible to crawl from the crack to the underside of the boulder while keeping away from rain, but it is tight. So one could say the two parts are connected or not connected, depending on your opinion.

The crack is maybe 2.5 meters long, although I did not measure it. It has a part that goes maybe 1.5 meters into the cliff face, for the rest the crack is maybe a meter deep and 50-70 cm high. On the outward face the height of the crack is at points level with the crack height inside and very low (20cm) on other parts.

Approximate map (not drawn to scale):

The map is also available in PDF. The cave can be found under the large bould in coordinates N 60.218096 E 24.690935.

The crack:

Under the boulder:


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