Friday, March 26, 2021

Looking for caves in Lohja's Linnanmäki in Karstu

The evening's excursion was to Lohja's Karstu area, in search of caves. The Linnanmäki is a high hill and cliff in Karstu, and the book Suomen Luolat notes that there are two caves on the hill. One was supposed to be inaccessible without climbing equipment. But as usual, the coordinates were inaccurate, so I ended up going around the entire hill, and I think found the other cave plus four other small roof/shelter caves.

Here are the caves and other interesting things:

  • Cave 1, high up on the cliff. I did not find this, but it has been reported in the book Suomen Luolat. Perhaps it was too dark already.
  • Cave 2, a broken devil's churn that forms a roof or shelter cave. Very nice place to camp out or sit by the fire. Nice forms. Coordinates: 60.296735, 23.930707. There's also a map and a 3D model (download GLB).

  • Cave 6, a small roof/shelter cave. Coordinates: . There's also a map.

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