Sunday, March 21, 2021

Grottberget cave


I wanted to get some exercise, and ended up walking 3-4 hours on snowshoes in Siuntio. I always need a 2nd goal for such trips, however, and this time it was to visit the Grottberget cave, and see if any of the surrounding cliff areas have additional caves.

The Grottberget cave is spectacular for a Finnish cave. Made through crystallisation / erosion, it is 10.6 meter long tunnel. Ice stalagmites were going from the floor, and looking very pure, see-through ice.

I also made a 3D model with my iPhone's LiDAR sensor and the Polycam application. iPhone 12 Pro models have this sensor. And now I'm experiment with exporting the models to 3D modelling software and seeing what I can do with it.

'The main cave is at N 60.16194 E 24.13763, and the map is here and the 3D models here in OBJ, GLB and STL. The little hole is at N 60.16348 E 24.14130. The small cave under the boulder is at N 60.16440 E 24.14502, and its map is here.

Video of running the model in Meshlab, first with textures and then without:

Pictures from the main cave:

The little hole looks like this:

The cave under the boulder looks like this:

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  1. Hey! This is amazing. I'd love to know more about how you filtered your point cloud data to get that mesh. Any wisdom you could impart?