Sunday, May 5, 2024

Urheiluhallit kallio

My first time visiting the Kallie swimming pools. Very nice!

The pools are indoor, run by Urheiluhallit, a Helsinki-based sports facility company. I have not been to their facilities too often before, other than the Mäkelänrinne swimming hall. However, they do run a number of pools and other sports facilities in the city area, and run them well. I think the city sponsors them to some extent, hence the still low ticket prices (5,80€ for a swim in Kallie, for instance).

Anyway, Kallie is as city as it gets. The "green bubble" center of Finland, with lots of students, bars, night life, etc. 

But back to my visit. I had my own lane, not too many people on a Sunday afternoon. There's one 25 meter pool, an activity pool, cold plunge pool (always good!) and two saunas. One of them was super hot, one scoop of water rendered the room very hot and two made it unbearable. So I went to the other one :-)

And there's a host of other sports choices beyond swimming, such as bowling. Right next door is the Kallio football field, for instance.

Weirdly enough, there was some snow on the field still:

Another recent Urheiluhallit visit was in Töölö.

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