Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Too early at the airport yawn

This was way too early to be past security at the airport, 3:59 AM. (Falls asleep...)

I blame Lufthansa timetables in Finland for this. Or their too early wave times in Munich and Frankfurt. 6:00 AM flights are their standard out of Finland! Brutal, I say, brutal...

Or should I say Air Baltic? Apparently they are flying Lufthansa's routes between Helsinki and Munich now.

But the hattifatteners (hattivatit in Finnish) were already up, energized early....

But the real problem is that the more dangerous wildlife was also up early at the airport. And I don't refer to the 6am,drunken tourists at the Oak Barrel bar, I refer to the bears. Yes, bears. In the so called relaxation areas:

It was very nice to see Munich airport clearly from the airport as we fly past it to land from the other direction:

Other flying pictures:

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