Sunday, May 19, 2024

Järvenpää and Nurmijärvi swims

Like skiing or sex, they are always at least good, sometimes great :-) While looking for spare parts for my car, I managed to also stop at the Järvenpää and Nurmijärvi swimming halls. Very nice, both of them. But I was particularly struck how nice Nurmijärvi's hall was. Or Rajamäki's hall rather, Rajamäki belongs to Nurmijärvi, and is also famous for their alcohol production.

The Rajamäki hall was spectacular! There was a total of six pools, the main 25 pool (but very wide, at a whopping 20 meters). warm therapy pool, cold plunge pool, children's pool, and a jumping pool. More information about this hall can be found here.

Järvenpää's hall has a main pool, therapy pool, cold plunge door, children's pool and a water slide. More information about this hall can be found here.



The flour:

The Rajamäki roundabout:

Close to Aleksis Kivi's neighborhoods, the swimming hall is next to the Seven Brothers school. The Seven Brother is Finland's national writer's, Aleksis Kivi's most famous book.

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