Sunday, May 26, 2024

Back in the K.O.R.S.O.

Me: "Last time I was here was 35 years ago." Receptionist: "Not much has changed since then.". But, Korso's swimming hall still rocks. Small but functional.

The school around, however, has been abandoned. 

I lived few hundred meters away, and was in school here from high school to college years, 6 years. Our sport lessons were usually about football or hockey that I didn't care so much for, so I typically ended up going to the swimming hall instead. 

The swimming hall's page in Vantaa's city website is here. Sadly it will be decommissioned when a new swimming hall, Elmo, is finished in 2025.

Also like a lot the big glacial boulders next to the school and mini-caves under them.  Coordinates: N 60.357384 E 25.070289. Length maybe 2.5 meters.

Memories <3

Swimming hall and school:


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