Friday, October 27, 2023

Opening day + 1 at Vihti... at children's slope...


Wow, I missed the opening the day by one day, but no matter. The slopes at Vista are running at full speed! Or slope, rather. There's just the children's training slope. And full speed is not exactly Ludicrous Speed, it felt a bit like standing on a carpet and waiting for it to move. For sure it was worth to pay 39€ for the lift ticket to ski on this for an hour? Still, wonderful. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of good time. I did too! Kudos to Vihti, Hyvinkää, and Talma opening their slopes so early this year!

And I've been in Vihti so many times before, it is wonderful always. Here are some earlier articles: 

And many more... you get the point, I come here a lot! For good reasons.

Here's the webcam photo that attracted me to come here this time:

More photos:

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