Saturday, October 7, 2023

Go-Around from HEL

It did wake me up! The Finnair A320, OH-LXD, was landing late in the night. Suddenly the engines were turned higher up and the plane started rising. A few minutes later the captain announced that due to unexpectedly high tailwinds, they could not slow down quickly enough to land. So around we went...

See above for the route. Funnily enough, we landed on the same runway. Why would you land with a tailwind runway?

Anyway, I caught a picture from where we overflew the airport after the go-around. We were not at the runway when the go-around was initiated, maybe a kilometer from it. Altitude I can't say for sure.

In the start, the plane was again caged:

Plenty of space in the back for me to sleep during the flight:

But interesting, some excitement for the flights :-) I'm not sure I've been on one before, maybe once due to some unexpectedly slow traffic.

(When this happened now, I was returning from my trip to the alps.)

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