Friday, October 27, 2023

Late fall swim

It is always a bit sketchy to visit our summer cottage in late fall. It is cold, freezing, the facilities are pretty basic, and if the road is icy we can't cope with the steep hills on the road. Not with my crap car at least. But, it always ends up being a wonderful visit. Dipped in the cold lake once at least, had a wonderful warm sauna in glowing fire light, the lake and sunsets were beautiful. And I saw for the first time northern lights! Amazing that I have not succeeded in seeing them before, but for some reason not. 

The lights were super strong for a few minutes, and I had assumed you could only capture them nicely on camera, but not with your eyes. I was wrong. You can see very strong ones, if you're lucky! Considering myself very lucky then. It was worth waiting for all these years :-)

Northern lights:

Other photos:

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