Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Wurmberg: Busy Skihill in Harz

I've never heard of this place. But, it is a cozy national park, relaxing, forest, some caves around... and it is also a 971 meter high mountain, the highest in Lower Saxony. So obviously there's a ski resort with lifts. Including a gondola! The views are nice, the weather like sunny, and to my luck there was also some fresh snow on the sides of the ski slopes. Can't complain:

But the views, they really are something:

There were also some lift lines at the bottom of the mountain... also parking was challenging due to the popularity of this place in the weekends:

Here's one of the biggest slopes:

And here's one of the side slopes which I liked actually much more. Quiet.

Wurmberg is a year-around destination, for hiking, cave visits, and then in the winter skiing. Their ski season runs typically from mid December to late march. Read more about Wurmberg from the lift operator's page, or wikipedia (English, German).

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