Monday, January 15, 2024

Want: Bormio spa

There's a more famous spa in Bormio city center, but ... this is something else: QC Terme Bagni Vecchi. Nestled in the high mountains above Bormio, on the road to the famed Passo di Stelvio... like a castle with indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna in a cave heated by the natural thermal waters.

My only regret: I did not visit this place. I tried to go, but the most convenient time for me was booked out, so we only visited the outside to view location. Wow. 

This isn't an inexpensive place: a 2.5 hour ticket was north of 60 Euros, and daily tickets or staying at the spa hotel would be even more costly. But for sure worth it!

It is now on my bucket list!

The road to Passo di Stelvio actually stops at this spa in the winter, the rest of it is closed. Here's a spire and a tunnel on the way from the spa down:

The outdoor pool:

Views from the spa:

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