Sunday, January 21, 2024

Lago di Como tower ruins

Castello Baradello is a fortress on a nice hill above present day Como, with great views of the city and the lake. Fortresses on this site date back to the 6th century, although the current fortress was rebuilt in the 13th century. This is also the site of the original settlement in Como.

Today only the tower remains, much of the rest has been destroyed in the 16th century in fear of it falling in the hands of the enemy.

The coordinates for the tower are . It can be visited during opening hours, but even when it is not open one can walk up the hill and tour the top of the hill and around the castle, essentially only missing the insides of the tower. Much recommended!

At the top there's a picnic area, an old water cistern-pond, a small tower, the main castle ruins with the still standing tower, and stretches of old castle walls.

The coordinates for the tower are N 45.794127 E 9.086032.

Views over Como and Lago di Como:

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