Monday, January 1, 2024

Popova Shapka mini-cave

On my trip to North-Macedonia, I drove by an interesting rock formation on the way to the Popova Shapka ski area above the town of Tetovo. I did not have time to explore other caves, and this one wasn't much of a cave either. But in Finland it would qualify as a cave. A small crack in an eroded rock feature sticking out.

The cave was very narrow, just barely wide enough to enter. It was easily possible to move maybe 5 meters into it, but the overall length was perhaps 8-10 meters, though I'm not sure if a human could go all the way to the other end. There was light coming out of the other end, but the crack kept getting narrower and less tall the further you went.

Interesting nevertheless.

Coordinates: N 42.02057554 E 20.90232780.


The rock feature. The cave is at the left side.

By the way, it seemed like in Popova Shapka (which was closed at the time) there might also be some caves. At least you can see a big hole (even if not deep) here:

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