Wednesday, February 22, 2023

I don't know what this is, but it looks somehow familiar...


Greetings from your sewer inspectors! This adventure in Ancient Corinth, Greece, started in a very promising way: why not visit a cave whose name is Σπηλιά «αιδοίο» της Αφροδίτης, or, Aphrodite's you-know-what? And I have to say, it does look very familiar, in fact it looks exactly like the Finnish Högberget cave. See below:

Internet sources (here and here) seemed to confirm the story about a cave, a spring, and an ancient place of bathing.

Here's a video of going through the cave, constructed from a 3D model:

There's also a map, also automatically constructed from the 3D model using the Cave Outliner. The main map picture is below, and the full PDF map is here. And if you want, you can rotate the 3D model on your screen by clicking on this link.

Anyway, back to caves... or sewers. I really don't know what the origins of this cave are, I suppose it could be a rather symmetrical crack that has overgrown with calcite formation over a long time. Or, it could be an ancient sewer tunnel cut by man. I didn't know what the answer was, but upon reaching the end of the tunnel, and seeing straight tunnels leading up towards the housing sitting above the cliff, I'm now guessing it is actually a sewer, again overgrown with calcite formation over centuries.

More pictures:

In front of the tunnel part of the cave there's a shelter cave (a cliff extending above you):

Stairs from nearby road lead down to the small valley the cave is in:

The cave's coordinates are N 37.91062 E 22.87992.

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