Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Cold swim in Ancient Corinth

Brr. A bit cold, maybe 5 degrees. But no matter. The views are great! And I've never swam in Greece before, so now I have to. 

On my ski trip I was staying at a new luxury hotel, the Oliveus Euphoria Resort. It was in a very remote location in Ancient Corinth. So remote and new that Google neither new about the place or the roads leading to it. It was a hassle to get there, given this.

But maybe worth it, given the olive tree garden, views, and the nice common kitchen area.

The pool was a year-around pool, but without heating. And in general, I was surprised how cold it was in Greece in the wintertime. Snow doesn't even seem to be such an exception, peaks around the Corinth area all carried snow.

I only managed to get breakfast on one day though, in winter the place is not busy, so the staff seemed to forget my existence. No breakfast materials or exit gates open... oh well, I got to stay there at an incredibly affordable price, and I liked the room. And the swim, obviously! Very refreshing.


View from my room:

Kitchen area:

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