Sunday, February 5, 2023

The long walk


I went to the office today by walking. It is about 19 kilometers, and this took nearly four hours in crisp winter weather. But overall, a very nice experience. Was able to listen to some courses, take a conference call, and enjoy some entertainment on my headsets.

Not to mention enjoying the beautiful weather, from darkness of the morning to bright sunshine on the seafront, to more cloudy grey weather when I got to the office.

27k steps. Otherwise the beginning of February has been lazy walking, 5-8k steps daily. But this one day - with some other walks - with its 33k brings the average to a decent state for now.

I returned by train. Maybe some day come back walking as well? We will see.

Odd, freshly cut Xmas trees packaged by the roadside in Jorvas. In February! Why?

And love this "Kummeli beach" street sign. Kummeli is a popular Finnish comedy show. Odd that they named a place in Espoo according to this show...

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