Sunday, December 13, 2015

Högberget Cave

I thought there are no caves in Finland, but there are some! This weekend's adventure was to visit the specially formed Högberget flow-erosion cave.

For a long time I thought there are no caves in Finland, and that there are only few exceptions. But there are many, though all of them are small. The Finnish Caves (Suomen Luolat) book lists 165 different caves.

My my this weekend's trip I wanted to visit three caves near where I live. But the day passed quickly, and before I noticed, darkness had set into to the already wet and cloudy day. But I wanted to visit at least the Högberget cave in Kirkkonummi, near the Peuramaa ski area. I work four kilometres away from this cave, but I had never heard of it. There are also no signs, markings, tourist materials, or even a path. Not many people visit this cave...

But we decided to make a visit. The cave has been formed during ice age, as water flowed through a crack in the rock. The form of the cave is pretty exceptional.

The best way to find the cave is with GPS coordinates: N 60° 6.418' E 24° 29.191' (WGS84). But the way to the place goes through rocks, slippery moss, snow (at least today), and cliffs, so it will be slow going. Take it easy! We spent about two hours on the trip, even if it is just 500 meters from the road. But the cave is worth a visit!

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