Saturday, February 4, 2023

Tatranska Lomnica


Foggy day. At the top, at least. No matter. Let's ski.

We are at Tatranska Lomnica, a short drive from the Polish-Slovakian border. This is the highest Slovakian ski resort, at 2196 meters. And today that has caused the fog to set on highest parts of the mountain, so we actually have to skip the topmost lift. But the rest of the mountain is open.

This is the highest ski resort, but not the biggest. I've previously been to Strbske Pleso which was also high but smallish. And after Tatranska Lomnica we went to Chopok, which was much bigger even if 200 meters lower. Had it not been so icy, Chopok would have been a great actually.

But here in Tatranska Lomnica there was no problem with ice. The visibility on the highest part was indeed low, see the video below:

The slopes after this part get a bit wider and there are a couple of alternate runs, but basically it all flows from the top to the bottom in pretty much a straight line, and it doesn't feel there's a lot of variation or other parts in the mountain. A medium-sized mountain resort. Nice, but maybe not for skiing for a week.

The Tatranska Lomnica web site is here and more information can be found from Wikipedia (in German) or a tiny bit also in English.

Food and apres ski? Quite nice. The Goulash index was pretty high, in the top restaurant you have to pay 11,50 for a bowl of soup. Apres ski seemed nice in a round bar at the bottom, but we had to head back to the two-hour drive to Zakopane. 

We were staying in Zakopane as it had easy access to slopes both in Poland and Slovakia. Zakopane is a popular ski destination for many. There is a variety of ski slopes for skiers of different skill levels, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Although we were a bit disappointed to not be able to ski in the highest ski resort right in Zakopane, Kasprowy Wierch, as lack of snow-making caused them to not be open yet on the first week of the year. In addition to skiing, Zakopane also has opportunities for snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and other winter sports. Off the slopes, Zakopane offers a vibrant après-ski scene, with plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to explore.

And in our case, back in Zakopane we enjoyed the nice atmosphere and big meals at the Karczma Pod Gontem (linkgoogle maps) restaurant. Relaxed atmosphere, big portions. I can recommend the dumplings.

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