Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Looking for caves on Nilsiä's Mustikkamäki

I'm looking for caves... not for bears. But heard some growling and saw some big piles of sh*t, so decided to do a roundabout tour to return to the car.

Not sure if I misheard, however. Could just have been birds flapping their wings.

But why was I here? First off, I needed a night place to stay during my contactless, quarantine ski trip to Tahko. So I found this nice beach site at the end of a forestry road, couple of kms from the nearest houses, and near the Pisa national park. Mustikkamäki is an about 200-meter high rocky hill between my camping spot and the national park, and my goal was to go through the cliffs and boulder areas of the hill, in search of possible new caves.

I did not find anything significant, but I did find one medium-sized crawable roof cavelet, one hole where one person can get inside, and one high but quite open roof cavelet. And in addition, there was a couple of other small spaces under cliff lids, i.e., tiny roof cavelets.

The caves and their coordinates:
Crawable roof cavelet (also pictured above):

Hole for one person:

High but open roof cavelet:

Small space under a roof 1:

Small space under a roof 2:

Small space under a roof 3:

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