Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A tour of three closed ski areas

Government: we're opening domestic travel. Me: busy packing skis, caving gear, tents, sleeping bags.

But wow! I'm happy how this trip turned out! Three closed ski areas on one day. 500 kilometers of driving, though, on this avoid-contact-with-others trip.

First I went to Himos, which turned out to have 1.5 meters of snow. That's the length, not thickness. The grassy hill was also too steep and rocky for easy skiing, but I skied it anyway.

Then I went to Kasurila, which had plenty of snow piles, not all connected though. Very nice stop! Many years ago I had a winter visit here as well, and that visit also left nice memories.

But the cake was taken by Tahko. What a wonderful experience! More on that in the article about Tahko! Also, afterwards I went caving, see article 1 or 2.





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