Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Haavikkolehto cave, now with a map!

Haavikkolehto - a protected site with many boulders left by the ice age - is also very interesting from caving perspective. Likely not everything here has been found. But the most spectacular cave is known from this Retkipaikka article.

I visited Haavikkolehto to draw a map of the cave. But I also realized there are more caves, e.g., right next to the main cave there are other boulders, and inside their cracks there are other relative long (maybe 10-20m) of passages in a single cave, though perhaps not as spectacular large opening as in the main cave. The above picture is from that second cave.

The main cave is at N 62.54240 E 26.91218, and per the book "Suomen Luolat", the official name of the cave is Karhukiven luola. The side cave is at N 62.54235 E 26.91267. I found the main cave from the always excellent Retkipaikka in this article, by Antti Huttunen. And here, However, there are a number of other cavers in the Haavikkolehto area as well, reported here, here, and here.

Cave map of the main cave, drawn by me, is here:

There's also a more accurate PDF link.

More pictures:

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