Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A different Ylläs 24

I decided to do my own Ylläs 24 event, to replace the one cancelled in April. It is already June, not a lot of snow remains. But some, and what a wonderful sunshine for the entire 24 hours - midnight sun was shining, as Ylläs is far above the arctic circle.

I can't explain how lucky I feel to be able to do this. Having something like this near enough to be able to drive here, in a place that has round the clock sunshine, the good weather, having free time to do this. And snow this late in the year!!! Although a week or two earlier would have been even more spectacular in terms of more skiing :-)

The Ylläs 24 is a round-the-clock skiing event, organised as a happy, amateur event put at the same putting in some good amount of vertical for the 24 hours. Usually, the skiers go up by the Gondola.

I hiked up from the parking lot to the top, not entirely aware of how much snow there would be or would not be behind the clouds that didn't depart until I was on my way. Turns out the main slopes, such as the World Cup run, were mostly out of snow. But there were some good 200-300 meter runs at the top towards the north.

I stayed up in a tent, in comfortable temperature but some winds that were flapping the tent through the night.

And I still can't get over the colors of that midnight sun.




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