Sunday, March 8, 2020

Unexpected sauna in Istanbul

Having been delayed, rerouted, and cancelled umpteen times, we spent a short night sleeping on the benches of the new Istanbul airport. But our eventual flight turned out to be in the next evening, so we asked for a hotel room for the day.

Turkish Airlines -- to their credit -- complied. But the hotel, Novotel Istanbul Zeytinburnu, was at the old Istanbul airport, an hours drive away, so some time was wasted on that. I didn't end up having any time for more sleep, but decided to burn my precious hours at the hotel in a better way: in their sauna.

It was quite a small shower & sauna space, but any sauna is better than nothing, so I was happy.

The weather was cold... snowing, actually. I didn't go the pool. But I did go out to the balcony from the sauna to see the pool. I ended up being locked out, however, and was just lucky that the cleaners happened to pass by so that I could come back, wrapped only in a towel in the freezing wind.

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