Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Abandoned bunker on Golan Heights

What a shitty bunker! Literally.

This was a bunker on top of one of the hills in the Mount Hermon ski area. It turns out that I got yelled at by the staff for approaching the bunker. And I didn't even realise they were talking to me over the loadspeakers.

It also appears that doing something with skis is dangerous in the minds of the ski patrol and the military. I got yelled at two times, both times when doing something with skis. But other people went as far as I did, just that they didn't appear to be ready to ski down to the wrong side with skis on and backpacks in the back. I actually negotiated entrance to the bunker by saying that I just wanted to see it, and took off my skis.

The bunker was a simple concrete block construction, with a two-layer sandwich structure at the top. The first room had been used for shitting, the second with more of a view down the hill was full of ice.



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