Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sauna at the Alaska Inn. In Israel of all places!

Funnily enough, our hotel was called Alaska Inn --  even if it was in Israel.

Our quick ski trip to Israel and Mount Hermon involved spending two nights in airplanes and just one in a hotel. But this also meant that we would arrive very early on the first day and leave in the afternoon of the second day.

We arrived at the hotel parking lot at 5am. Everything seemed closed and dark, so we slept two hours in the and then woke up to change clothes and get to the slopes. Usually checking in at 7am is frowned upon in any hotel, but at the Alaska Inn this was no problem. Same on our exit; our room had already been given to the next customers, but we were given another one to have a quick shower in after the slopes. Nice!

The hotel also had a pool and a sauna. Presumably the pool would have been too cold in the winter, but I wanted to visit the sauna. It turned out to be one of those infrared boxes, located on the hotel corridor. Oh well, it did heat me, after all that cold on the slopes. Maybe not the greatest sauna ever, but better than nothing...

Overall, I can recommend this hotel. Affordable, safe, and very accommodating owner!

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