Thursday, May 31, 2018

What's This?

Mystery metal hut. I was looking for an entrance to a tunnel I saw in Rotebro, but was in the end unable to find a way in. I did, however, find an odd, round metal hut at the top of the cliffs.

Anybody know what this is? Coordinate were N 59.481430 E 17.923279.

By the way, I was in Rotebro since all hotels in Stockholm and Kista were booked. I stayed at the Hotell Sjövillan, and was expecting to test their sauna that they advertised on But.. sauna was "under repair" and it didn't actually sound like it was even temporary... or that they care what the customers want to do. Sigh. NOT recommended. Also crappy breakfast.

Photos (c) 2018 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved.

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