Sunday, May 20, 2018

Baume Obscure Cave

I was on my way to Marseille for a conference. And on the way observing other interesting things... like caves.

I visited the Baume Obscure Cave, 50 km from Nice. A bumpy and surprisingly wet dirt road leads to this place, and you'll find a few shacks for ticket sales. But, if you buy a ticket you'll get to visit an interesting cave.

You'll get to walk on your own pace through the cave. If you want, you can stop at various spots to follow a (French speaking) introduction to that spot and light shows. These are worth your time, waterfalls light in lights, colour lights painting the cave walls, etc.

I was positively surprised by the length of the walk. This isn't a small room like most of the caves I've  been used to in Finland. It also wasn't too commercial either, not one of those we-will-guide-you-by-hand things.

The most interesting parts were the places where water was dripping, or pooling, and where light shows were set up.

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