Saturday, May 5, 2018


45 minutes before I need to be at the airport. But I'm sweaty. Is there a sauna that I could visit? Yes there is. Santa's sauna.

I visited the Santasport facility on the Ounasvaara hill in Rovaniemi, right after hiking and skiing Ounasvaara ski hill.

Santasport is a sports university, community swimming pool, children's play facility, sports arena for many sports, and a hotel all turned into one. Nice concept!

Entrance fee for the swimming for 8.5€, quite affordable. There's one big and quite nice sauna, and a number of different pools:

  • Kiddie pool
  • Main 25 meter pool
  • Water jet pool
  • Warm pool (34C)
  • Cold pool (5C)
  • Jacuzzi (32C)


Photos (c) 2018 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved.

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