Saturday, May 19, 2018

Grotte de Saint Cézaire

Wow, that was a nice tour. Another brief cave visit while driving to my conference, but this time with a specialist guide, Eric, who has been exploring the depths of this cave.

We also got plenty of remarkable shows, like music played on stalactites... or fluorescent water flowing over cave forms.

The cave only goes 200 meter further than the tourist tour, but dye experiments have shown that it might continue for 5 more kilometres and 300 meters down. I guess they continue the dye experiment just for the tourists...

Speaking of down, I also learned that in the French language, cave means a horizontal cave and that aven stands for pit caves, and that they are considered very different. Interesting!

Finally, here are some good links to go search for caves in Cote d'Azur and Provence: Nice caves, Marseille caves. Plenty to see, plus all the non-tourist caves... but I didn't have so much time. Would be wonderful to explore some more.

And here's a nice closet from my French hotel:

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