Sunday, April 22, 2018

Salomon Driver Ski Helmet Review

To be honest, I did not expect much. My old helmet was broken in the back, I was flying to the Ylläs competition next day, and the Ski Service shop was closing. They had only helmet model that was even close to what I was looking for. I had to buy it.

What I got was the Salomon "Driver" ski helmet, one with an integrated visor.

I had grave suspicions that it wouldn't work... would collide with my eyeglasses in practice... would leak too much air at high speed... be too hot in slower speeds... and of course it has a weird name, like I was buying a motorcycle or car driver's helmet. Who comes up with these names at Salomon???

But, to my surprise this helmet was a perfect choice for the competition. It never had any issue with my eyeglasses, and it provided good protection in all situations, much easier to use than regular goggles, particularly when I can wear with glasses. It was also very comfortable, a very good fit to my head with or without additional warming layer, even if at first I thought it might have been a tad too small for my big head :-)

I'm very happy with the helmet now.

The only questions that remain are about bad weather, how protective will be in snow storm? And will the visor get easily scratched in travel? I guess we'll see. I suspect it will be perfect in weather, too, and I'm mostly worried that scratches will harm my new favourite ski toy :-) But for now, I can only warmly recommend this helmet!

Photos (c) 2018 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved.


  1. Hi there, I have literally just used the helmet in snowing/raining conditions. I think I was struggling alot with it, of it fogging up, the ice/snow built up over the helmet had made it a little complicated when trying to open the visor or keep the visor dry. The visor, I would not say it to be an exceptionally good visor, it's only single layer. Like I think the overall set up is good for a clear blue day like all the advertisements, but I would prefer to use a better goggle for the helmet in other conditions.

  2. If you did not have something dressed on your head, was it warm? I always have something on my head, eg a thin hat, but in this helmet I do not know, it is too new. Please reply.

  3. I feel cold very easily in general. I've felt that this helmet is reasonable warm, and with a head cloth underneath (which you can use) it is super warm. I've found this helmet to be equal or better in terms of warmth than my previous helmets. Also, the fact that no air gets in between the visor and the helmet helps; it will leak a tad more perhaps though from underneath than regular goggles. Overall, warmer than my previous setup. Hope that helps!