Sunday, January 21, 2018

Switzerland ... in Hyvinkää

A quick set of runs in Switzerland... of Hyvinkää. Small local hill. I was here as a kid long time ago and it looked different. I only now understand why... they moved it :-)

I needed to visit Hyvinkää during the weekend, and realised that I could at the same time stop at the local ski hill, and get some much needed exercise. The last time I was skiing here when I was maybe 10 and my dad took me there.

Chatting to one of the local skiers on the hill I learned that the old site with ski jumps and a ski hill had been closed down, and the new ski area is in a different location further away from the city. That explains.

The next day I returned to see again the old hill. Could it be skied, even without a lift? And yes, this was much more the place that I remembered. The Hyvinkään Sveitsi hotel... the ski hut... the narrow valley into which we skied. While the ski hut has been converted to a hotel/restaurant ("Sveitsin Maja"), not much of the actual old ski hill remains. Forest has taken over the slopes, except for the landing slope for the ski jump. The ski jump tower is gone, however. Fortunately, there's some fresh snow and I can ski the landing slope!

These are the pictures from the old ski hill:

And here are the pictures from the new ski hill:

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