Sunday, January 14, 2018

Siuntio Östersolberg

Another guest blog entry from Jarmo:

I have done some Bunker hunting with kids during the last few weeks. In December I did a walk in the forest with Eino. First we visited a natural cairn that was in a list of prehistoric sites maintained by National Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto). It was a rather large (70 x 20 meters) flat pile of rocks. The site is located at N 60.15126045868919 E 24.441075770066867. From there we continued to a Soviet rental period bunker that was listed in Kirkkonummi orienteering club Lynx database. The bunker was in a relatively good shape although the gun hole at the top was blasted and filled. It was a standard small size bunker and easy to enter through a long entrance corridor. The bunker is located at N 60.1523370923527 E 24.439182130502353. We parked the car at Dalkullantie road and it was a very nice forest walk from there.

Next trip was early January with Eetu. This time we went to a city of Siuntio which is not that well covered in Lynx database. We got the coordinates from a book ‘Pekka Silvast, 1991. Porkkala 1944–1956 - Neuvostoliiton merisotilaallinen tukikohta. Tutkimusraportti, Sotamuseo 1/1991’. It has some maps that show potential bunker locations. We went to check four sites east of Solberg, Siuntio. The first site we checked was  just next to a Knapantie but we did not see any sign of a bunker (at N 60.11358185466233 E 24.137855058724238). The second site was not far at the edge of a farming field and this time we did find a bunker (at N 60.11477465670625 E 24.129049366528346). It was fully covered and only the gun hole at the top was slightly visible. No way to enter it so we moved on to the next stop further west (at N 60.113831778668214 E 24.12245113235171). Again no bunker there even though we did find a piece of concrete slab that could be from a bunker. By the way, the whole forest area just next to a farming field seem to have an old trench that runs for hundreds of meters.

We kind of thought that we are done and we could not find a decent bunker to enter. But then we checked the last bunker site of the day and found a really big one. It is one of the biggest that we have found so far. Unfortunately I did not make any measurements but it is visible in Google satellite image and from there I measured that it could be as big as 20 x 20 meters. In the center it has a big filled round hole which is likely a gun hole. On the side it has an entrance corridor that was only partly filled and easy to enter. The inside of the bunker was blasted pretty badly but it used to have two floors. This big bunker is located at N 60.11332858748937 E 24.121198540741755. This time we did not get a nice forest walk because forest logging was done just recently. We ended up walking next to a farming field which was also pretty nice.

In addition to those trips I did a quick walk in Kirkkonummi very close to Espoo. I managed to find one bunker that was filled and barely visible (at N 60.149212554762876 E 24.581357983754764). It was not possible to enter the bunker.

Pictures from the big bunker:

Covered bunker in Östersolberg:

Broken/destroyed bunker in Östersolberg:


Bunker in Dalkulla:

Covered bunker near the Sarvvik highway intersection:

Text and photos (c) 2017-2018 by Jarmo Ruuth. All rights reserved.

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