Friday, July 21, 2017

Meeting a Friend at Killington

Patrick and I share the same hobby: skiing in as many different places around the world as we can. We had run into each other in the Internet and chatted often. But I had never met him. In spring 2016 I finally got an opportunity to do that *and* go skiing in Killington for the first time.

Patrick's stories about his skiing can be found from his blog, "Mad Pat Ski".

But boy, Killington in May is a hard place to ski at. An amazing slope, but just one slope, one steep slope, and slope covered *only* with bumps. Large, icy bumps. Uh... my knees and leg muscles.

This was a weekend before my second visit to Killington and the opportunity go skiing with a friend who I had seen in person very often, but had never had an opportunity to ski with him. It was a good May. And on the next weekend I got to meet some more Canadian skiers and Patrick's friends.

I stayed at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel, with nice pools and a sauna.

Here are pictures from the hike to Killington Peak:

Here are pictures from the hotel sauna and pool:

Photos and videos (c) 2016 by Jari Arkko and Patrick Corcoran. The video editing and music is from Apple iMovie. For copyright of the music, see

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