Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bozkovské Dolomitové Jeskynĕ

I had an opportunity for a brief visit to the Bozkovské Dolomitové Jeskynĕ or the Bozkov Dolomite caves. The cave system is 1060 meters long and hosts the largest underground lake in Czech Republic.

This was just a show cave tour, so unfortunately no crawling in mud like in Gotland!

More information about this cave can be found from the wikipedia page. A good list of show caves in Czech Republic can be found from the expat page.

Interesting forms and colours:

The corridor leading from one part of the cave to another:

The lake:

More interesting forms in the cave:

Sign leading to the road to the caves:

Railway to the cave's upper parts was used during the construction of the walking paths and support walls in the cave:

The ticket:

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