Wednesday, November 9, 2016

First trips booked!

I'm tired for working too hard on an upcoming business trip, but I'm also happy that two long weekend ski trips early next year are coming together.

We booked one with a seven friends from work to ... not sure where, but we have flights to Germany and target in Austria. Ischgl again? Or maybe St. Anton. Maybe something else. In any case, a fun trip with fun people. A well-balanced trip, focusing both on skiing and after skiing :-)

We also booked another trip with Jarmo to Andermatt in Switzerland. Never been there before, but I hear it is good! Although I have to say, the initial inspirations were to make this trip to Kazakhstan so it is a bit of a downgrade in the weirdness scale. But I love Switzerland, this trip will be now so much nicer and more relaxed, and probably have better skiing. And with the latest election results, maybe we don't need the return tickets? And it is so much fun to ski with Jarmo, we always find the most challenging skiing to be had. It is going to be an adventure again!

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