Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Packing for Seoul

I'm packing for a business trip to Seoul. I have the formal clothing needed for my meetings, i.e., t-shirts... and USB charger... very heavy stuff. And a boatload of equipment in case I'll manage to find some ice climbing, hiking, or skiing. I'll need three checked bags just to haul all this stuff, and I still have to leave my caving gear out because it won't fit :-)

I'll be busy for a week and a half of this almost two week trip, but I may have the last two days to recover, and find something interesting to do. Seoul at least used to have a 25 meter indoor ice climbing wall. I have had difficulty finding it on Internet though, so a bit fearful it might have gone out of business. But I have a lead at least since this morning, so keeping fingers crossed!

The other thing I want to try and go do is skiing. I haven't skied in Korea before, and I just have to collect this country to my list. My friend Tero has skied here when he was young and lived with his family there for a while. And there are plenty of skiing places, but the challenge is whether any of them are open in mid-November (as I come back on Nov 21st). Lets see. I'd settle for a mountain top with some snow, or a partially completed snow-making slope.

Photos (c) 2016 by Jari Arkko

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