Saturday, October 29, 2016


This lazy Saturday's program for me and Janne was to visit some of the bunkers and moats around Helsinki's WWI defence structures. There are plenty of these structures, sadly all slowly rotting away. Historic sites, officially almost forgotten and certainly not cared for.

We decided to visit the structures in Pirkkola, right next to the parking lot of the Pirkkola sports complex. For a map, click on this blog article or for a background on the structures from the Department of Museums, click here.

Sadly, while there are big underground tunnels, they are mostly closed off. One possibly bigger bunker had a closed door that had at least so far resisted attempts to enter, despite a large metal pipe being used as lever to twist the door. This bunker had been open to the public earlier, but now it is indeed closed.

We did find one open but narrow entrance to a two-room shelter, full of trash and stalactites growing from the roof. Someone had written "Monttu Krouvi" (Pit Pub) on the wall.

Photos (c) 2016 by Jari Arkko

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