Friday, August 12, 2016

South... but not so far

I wanted go far this summer, ski the untried countries. But it was not to be, because work. And because Peru was cancelled.

I had my finger on the button to book tickets, but called first. Unfortunately, the Pastoruri Glacier, located at the Parque Nacional Huascarán at an altitude of five kilometres, is suffering from global warming. They used to have skiing on the glacier, but it is melting so fast that they do everything to try and extend its remaining life. So skiing is no longer allowed.

Oh well. I'm taking a few days off to tour around European summer ski areas, starting with a weekend with Tero at Hintertux, Austria. We've just arrived, and it is raining, but I'm hoping the rain means fresh snow in tomorrow's sunny day!

I can also recommend the Neuhintertux hotel, which among other things provides backpacks for all customers in case they want to go hiking. Nice touch! And now I do want to go hiking, then sauna, so talk to you later!

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