Friday, August 26, 2016

Sauna in Shenzhen

As a saunablogger, I had to report that I've been to sauna in a new city: Shenzhen, China. The sauna was in the Pavillion hotel. Not a great sauna, but I'm glad I went anyway. Turning on the temp setting made the experience better.

And I'm also glad I didn't push the white buttons in the sauna, as the watering system *did* work automatically, not by button press. The buttons were for alarms...

Shenzhen views:

Door to the sauna:

Hot pot stomach for dinner:

Photos (c) 2016 by Jari Arkko

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  1. Are there any saunas in Shenzhen, China? Why "Yes" there are. Run on down to the Pavillion hotel at 4002 Huaqiang N Rd, Futian Qu for relaxation. You can control the temperatures easily enough in this high-class sauna. The watering system works automatically. Work hard in Shenzhen - then treat yourself right with a trip to the luxury Pavillion sauna.