Saturday, June 8, 2024

Ski and beach vacation in Järvenpää

There wasn't much snow or sunshine, but hey, there was some. Glad I went!

Definitely more than one can hope in my local environment in June. So this was at the ice skating hall of Järvenpää, an hour's drive north of Helsinki. But since I have no working car :-( I took the train.

Ice skating halls typically clean the ice few times a day, which results in excess ice slush and snow, that gets dumped outside. How nice! I'm here to recycle that snow :-)

But the snow plot was indeed small, and I had to pile all the little piles together to make one big enough to ski even a bit. Still, while I did manage maybe 35 cm of vertical and 3 meters of distance, my only turns on the narrow strip of snow were after the snow had ended, on the wet asphalt. Whatever works, I guess. A turn is a turn.

(Is this from the even-a-drop-makes-glass-full department?)

The ice skating hall apparently is only used during weekends, or at least does so in the summer. I don't think they had cleaned the ice today (Saturday), so that means that any snow that was left was from yesterday (Friday).

The walk to the beach was nice, 2.5 km from the ice skating hall. The park between the city and the beach is super nice, interesting sculptures, boat harbors, a cafe next to the beach, etc. Much recommended. The beach itself was also super good, long shallow sandy bottom, a few trees, changing cabins, the works. Also recommended!

The ice skating hall official web page is here, and the beach web page is here. Tony Hagerlund's excellent blog has also written about the beach here here.




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