Saturday, June 8, 2024

Excursion to Myyrmäki

A Friday evening excursion to Myyrmäki, a suburb in Vantaa! I went for a swim in Myyrmäki's community swimming hall, but it was of course also an opportunity to do more sightseeing in the nice weather. And ride more trains... given that my car is broken. 

I also checked out Allen Grilli, a "motor restaurant" that is famous for being the first sponsor of Mika Häkkinen. Sadly, they went out of business recently. Perhaps I should have visited them before that... hmm...

The swimming hall was quite nice. There's two saunas, one hot -- almost too hot without throwing any water, but of course the crazy men throw plenty of water without regard for others in the sauna. The milder sauna is good though. Then there's a steam sauna as well. 

On the pool side there's a wide 25 meter main pool, two children's pool, a relaxing pool with some water jets, a jumping pool with also a climbing wall (nice!).

Overall, pretty good experience.

According to Wikipedia, the hall was built in 1974. Definitely does not feel like that, or maybe the reception spaces and dressing rooms feel a bit like that, but the actual pool areas feel definitely more modern. Perhaps they were renovated?

The swimming hall on the right:

More Myyrmäki graffiti:

Playground next to the swimming hall:

Allun Grilli:

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