Sunday, June 9, 2024

First mökki-swim in 2024... driving on a Jaguar

Too busy, and now without a car I have not been able to visit the summer cottage this year at all. Sigh. But now my car repair shop nicely loaned me a four-liter green '99 Jaguar for the weekend. Very nice! And a fun car to drive. And it was such a bliss to drop into the lake after visiting the sauna. The water was warmer than it probably has ever been on June 1st...

(But don't ask why the repair shop can afford such nice loaner cars... maybe the old Volvo repair business is picking up?)

More issues with Volvo: the previous breakdown was due to fuel pump relay. Now it is again the relay but on closer inspection the relay burns out due to the pump inside fuel tank drawing a lot of current. This sounds bad, even to me. All fixable (with some uncertainty factor) but the cost is again increased. I’m now definitely questioning my choices.

More about the Jaguar:

Volvo at the garage:

Cottage swim night and day:

Cottage food, halloumi burgers:

Cottage views:

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