Monday, April 1, 2024

Springbrook's Natural Bridge

Can you see them? Glow worms, in their natural habitat! We had just been in the artificial glow worm cave, and wanted to check out a natural bridge in the Springbrook National Park. But it turned out that the natural bridge was also a waterfall, a cave with a waterfall, and home to plenty of nature's own glow worms. Very nice!

We visited the cave in late afternoon, but an even better time would be after dusk, when you can see the glow worms even better. The cave is pretty dark even at daylight hours, but the dimly lit glow worms are much easier to see in complete darkness.

There's a maybe half a kilometer walk to and from the cave, including some uphill on the way back. The coordinates of the cave are roughly S 28.229730 E 153.243156. It is on the one-way walking path from the parking lot.

More information about the Springbrook National Park can be found from the Aussie Bushwalking page, Gold Coast page, Queensland page, and Wikipedia.

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