Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Qatar Lounge at SIN

Singapore Changi is such a nice airport. Potentially the *nicest* airport, to be exact., winning the best airport in the world titles left and right (link).

Some of the great things about it:

  • Efficient, very small number of queues and problems compared to the size of the operation
  • Nice design, good environment for people
  • Walkable even though large
  • Great shopping malls etc
  • Many lounges
This time was I Singapore while changing from a Brisbane - Singapore flight to a Singapore - Helsinki flight. I was there for six hours.. sadly the time went more to working than exploring the place. But I did camp out in the Qatar Premium Lounge, for the sake of gaining a new experience. My soon-to-be-gone status at Finnair lets me visit these lounges, so that's also a good reason to use it before it is gone :-)

The lounge was a bit of walk from my gates, but at the same time I saw many of the shops on the way. At the lounge you will find:
  • normal seating area
  • snacks table (fruit, bread, sweets, etc.)
  • a bar
  • working pods
  • a la carte restaurant
  • bathrooms and showers
Maybe something else too, as noted I did not have time to explore all. The showers were top notch, and no queues. Staff was extremely helpful and attentive. They even gave me a power converter plug when it turned out that the working pod power socket did not accept my euro plugs. 

A great lounge of course, the only thing missing was of course the sauna :-)

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